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#MummiesTime with Lixian (@lixian08)

by On Off Social Pte Ltd on Jul 29, 2021

#MummiesTime with Lixian (@lixian08)

#MummiesTime is a series that features mummies from different walks of life, sharing their tips on how to have me-time in this fast-paced society. We also ask them for tips, advices and stories to encourage new mummies on their parenting journey.

For the month of August, we have super mummy Li Xian, who's an early childhood educator and also the founder of Lil' Milk Monsters to share her personal experience and tips with us! She has two adorable kids (1 boy and 1 girl) who are polar opposites. Read on to learn more now.  

How has being a mom changed your life? What’s the best part about being a mom? 

Being a mum made me realised how much more I could love and give. It has also allowed me to realign my priorities in life and to constantly challenge myself to be a better version of myself for them. 

The best part about being mum is experiencing the true meaning of “my heart swells” - and the little hugs and kisses I receive on a daily basis 

In this fast paced-society, could you share with us a tip on how you find your “me-time”! 

I plan ahead and get help from my in-laws or husband to care for the kids from time to time. This allows me to have some pockets of me time on a regular basis! 

Could you share with us a short snippet of your birth story/stories? 

Both my babies were induced! Perhaps, they enjoy being in my womb too much 😆 Both babies weren't too big hence allowing me to give birth to them naturally (thankfully!) 

My first birth experience was long but less painful as I had the full epidural effect. The second birth experience was fast and furious. My gynaecologist said he was just about to sit down and have his dinner but had to rush back to the hospital to deliver my little girl. He had thought I would need a few hours more to fully dilate! So after I had given birth, I asked him to go back to the restaurant to finish his dinner. 😛

Which is your favourite teether design from our Little Bearnie’s collection?  What do you love about it? 

I love the boba tea teether the most ! It makes me feel like my little one is also enjoying her cup of boba 😝 it’s also lightweight and easy to clip on and manage. 

Tell us something interesting about your child/children! 

Both of them are opposites. B is serious and cautious while A is playful and adventurous. 

Any piece of advice for new moms/moms-to-be?

Don’t be too hard on yourself, I’ve learned (and is still learning) to let go of things which I can’t control, and to focus on the present moment to stay sane and happy. 

Happy mum, happy kids, it’s important to check on yourself from time to time, to let go of the mum guilt and to be yourself and to make time to do the stuff you used to enjoy doing even after you’ve turned mum.

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