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Have a Teething Child? Here’s how to Find the Ideal Teether for your Little Teething Tot(s)!

by On Off Social Pte Ltd on Mar 01, 2021

Have a Teething Child? Here’s how to Find the Ideal Teether for your Little Teething Tot(s)!

There are several milestones and stages of joy for an infant and a parent, and teething is definitely one of them! Teeth growing out of a baby’s gums for the first time is like a delicate young bud emerging from the soil. Teething is a new experience for both babies and parents, and it can be frustrating if you are not well-prepared for it! The process can start as early as 3 months old, but it is more common during the 4th to 7th month period. 

It is commonplace for parents to do extensive research on how to care for their kids most optimally, and yes, here are some simple tips to help you ease your baby’s teething process! (And your mental soundness as well 😛)

  • Wipe away the drool on your baby’s face to prevent rashes
  • Gently rub your baby’s gums with a clean finger to prevent infection (Do not use alcohol or teething gels)
  • Give your baby a teether to chew on 

Why are teethers important? 

Teethers are given to babies to chew on to soothe their gums when their teeth start emerging. They are chewing toys that allow them to gain some comfort and relief by making their tender gums feel better. Apart from teething, chewing on things is actually part of child development. It encourages them to move their tongue, giving them awareness of their mouth, laying the foundation for speech learning. Babies tend to chew on anything within their reach: their fingers, blankets, clothes, and even hard toys that may injure their gums. To prevent that from happening, it is recommended for parents to buy teethers for their babies to serve that purpose, safely and happily.

Over at Little Bearnie, we specialise in teethers, as well as bibs and swaddles. All of our teether products are made with 100% Food Grade Silicone Material, and are free from substances like BPA, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate, Cadmium and Lead. With a range of over 30 different shapes, sizes and designs, our teethers are thoughtfully curated to make sure that they are safe, stylish and attractive to your little ones. They can be chilled to provide better satisfaction for your babies too!

Our extensive range of teethers is categorised into 4 main types: big grip, smaller and lighter, protruding tips and accessories.

Big grip

Are your kids having problems holding onto smaller items? Our big grip range of teethers is designed to have a larger grip for your babies to hold onto easily while they chew. At the same time, training them to have a firmer and more stable grip! (Shy BearCutie ShibaCheeky Monkey)



Smaller & Lighter

This range of teethers is designed to be more portable and hassle-free to bring around. Also, we designed these smaller-sized teethers so that younger babies with smaller hands will find it easier to hold onto. They are easier to store, and you can have more designs for your little ones to choose from! (Smiley OrangeSiew MaiGem biscuit)

Protruding Tips

The protruding tips of these teethers are designed to be slimmer and longer. This design allows for better reach into the deeper parts of their little mouths, so that they can work their molars too! (Hello AloeT-Rex DinoLovely Llama


Our teething accessories range consists of bangles, necklaces and bag charms. They are cute, stylish and convenient to be worn by parents, so that your babies can satisfy their chewing needs even when you are carrying them. The charms can also be clipped onto your strollers to keep them occupied as you do your groceries. (Necklace - Jasmine  Bangle - Marble (Teal))


Each and every type of our teethers are carefully designed to provide the best for your teething tots in all situations! Be it in terms of aesthetics, to the materials used or even the stringent checks. Many mummies have found our teethers very well-liked by their babies and have also returned to try out the different range of teethers.

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Banner: Photo by Shirota Yuri on Unsplash