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#MummiesTime with Grace (@graceytang)

by On Off Social Pte Ltd on Mar 22, 2021

#MummiesTime with Grace (@graceytang)
#MummiesTime is a series that features mummies from different walks of life, sharing their tips on how to have me-time in this fast-paced society. We also ask them for tips, advices and stories to encourage new mummies on their parenting journey.

We are back with another session for #MummiesTime! Our superwoman mummy, Grace, will be sharing about how she has her me-time despite juggling her job as a teacher. She has a very cute and cheerful daughter who's currently 2 and half years old! 

How has being a mum changed your life? What’s the best part about being a mum?

Haha well, my body changed and I don’t get to sleep in.
The main change is the priority in life - family and my daughter. Sometimes, I do feel guilty about balancing work and family but being a mum to Charise made me realise that she's more important than work. I learnt to work things around and be more efficient in the things I do. I also learnt to also let go of things that aren't important, so as to find time to spend with her.

So many! Best part of being a mum is hearing Charise calling me “Mama” everyday. To be able to see her being joyful, healthy, makes me happy too.

In this fast paced-society, could you share with us a tip on how you find your “me-time”!

- Sleep-train my child, so once she sleeps after 8 PM, I get my me-time and hubby time! 

- Take some time off from your child (speak to your partner, get him to help look after the kids while you hang out with friends). 2-3 hours is good too!

- I do wake up earlier before my child gets up, to go for a run or walk (have some me-time) before getting back to “mum’s duties”

Could you share with us a short snippet of your birth story/stories?

It was 16 hours of labour.
“Checked-in” to the hospital at 2 AM and only gave birth at 6 PM. I had to take 2 epidurals which caused me to run a high fever and started vomiting. Nonetheless, thankful for the epidural as there wasn't any pain felt. It was just a joy and miracle to be able to hold Charise in my hands. My delivery was pretty much smooth, but

I definitely had a hard pregnancy. My morning sickness was very bad, threw up until I gave birth. I got admitted to the hospital 3 times too because of my dehydration. It makes me realised, it isn’t easy being a mum but it’s so worthwhile to be one.

Which is your favourite teether design from our Little Bearnie’s collection?  What do you love about it? 

I love the Shy Bear teether! It’s easy to grip and there are 2 little ears on it which  Charise loves to chew or bite to ease her teething itch.

Which is your favourite bib design from our Little Bearnie’s collection? What do you love about it? 

Dino bib! The T-Rex is sooooo cute. Bib is soft and the pocket area  catches all the fish that drops. Charise loves the Dino design as well and goes “rawr” every time we put it on for her.

Tell us something interesting about your child/children!

She’s a drama mama, always full of expression in her daily conversation with us. Oh yes, she loves all kinds of fruits too! 

Any piece of advice for new mums/mums-to-be?

Let go of some things, don’t need to be too worried or stressed about everything. Our kids will grow up just fine! :)

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