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Practical and Adorable Gifts For a Little One's Big Day!

by On Off Social Pte Ltd on Nov 25, 2023

Practical and Adorable Gifts For a Little One's Big Day!

Celebrating a little one’s 100th day is a common practice in many Asian countries.

The 100th day celebration is preferred to a baby’s first month as both baby and mum are in their most vulnerable period. Of course, hitting this big milestone is an extremely joyous occasion for the family and friends.

If you are looking for an extra special gift to celebrate the birth of a precious little one, you are at the right place! As most babies begin their weaning journey from their 6th month, our team has specially curated weaning gift sets that will come in handy for both parents and babies.

It’s a little one’s first experience and interaction with solid food, so we want only the best for them! Our baby weaning sets include a good mix of items that he or she will need to  learn how to eat independently.

At Little Bearnie, you get to customise your gift sets to make it more personal for the receiver. Each gift set also comes with an adorable gift card for you to pen down your well-wishes.

Check out two of our best-selling weaning gift sets!

Yummylicious Baby Weaning Gift Set

The essential bundle for a growing baby, our Baby Classic Weaning Gift Set helps to kickstart your little one’s weaning journey.

Here is what you can find in it:

🥣 Lilo Premium Ikan Bilis Powder or Lilo White Bait Powder - tasty and packed with nutrients, no added preservatives, salt or MSG

🥣 Grow with Bearnie Silicone Bowl with Lid & Utensils Feeding Set - great for storing food and bringing it on-the-go

*Each set comes with a gift box and gift card.

PS: Both ikan bilis and white bait are packed with nutrition and it all boils down to the taste the little one prefers! 🤤


Happy Mealtime Feeding Gift Sets

The all-rounded bundle for a little one, this gift set is everything he or she needs for a nutritious mealtime!

Here is what you can find in it:

🥣 Silicone Bib -  molded, catch-all pouch and easy, wipe-down surface makes for quick cleaning
🥣 Silicone Placemat - 100% food-grade silicone, easy to wipe-down surface 
🥣 Grow with Bearnie Highback Bowl & Utensils Feeding Set - great for in-home dining and prevents spillages

*Each set comes with a gift box and gift card. 

With our weaning gift sets, we are certain it would make the process less challenging for the admirable parents out there.