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#MummiesTime with Sabrina (@bigtreeandkoala)

by On Off Social Pte Ltd on Aug 30, 2021

#MummiesTime with Sabrina (@bigtreeandkoala)

#MummiesTime is a series that features mummies from different walks of life, sharing their tips on how to have me-time in this fast-paced society. We also ask them for tips, advices and stories to encourage new mummies on their parenting journey.

Lovely mama of two adorable and beautiful kids (Kaisor and Serah), Mummy Sabrina talks about how motherhood has shaped her and also her personal advices for new mummies out there. You are not alone. :) 

How has being a mom changed your life? What’s the best part about being a mom?

I would say, the best part is that, I am a happier person now. I have learnt to see things through my children eyes. It is a constant reminder that happiness can be so simple.

I have become more driven at work too, because I hope to give my children a better life. Support them in their hobbies and dreams. For eg. If they like music, I will go all out to support them.

Who knows they can become next JJ Lin or Stefanie Sun. hahaha

 In this fast paced-society, could you share with us a tip on how you find your “me-time”! 

I would say.. it is really difficult. The only free time is when my kids are sleeping. Many times, I will choose to reply work emails or to do paperwork instead of resting.

But no matter what.. I will still set aside some me time occasionally. I love to drink tea, I will make myself a cup of tea, light a candle, on some music and put on face mask to relax. Sometimes I will go down for a slow jog to clear my mind.

Could you share with us a short snippet of your birth story/stories?

First pregnancy was more memorable because I didn't know what to expect. I didn’t know my pain tolerance was so high. Talking about priorities... I went to have McDonald’s before heading to the hospital. When I was at the delivery suite, the nurse told me I was already 5.5 cm dilated. Lucky I still managed to get my epidural! Else I will blame myself for being greedy.

Which is your favourite teether design from our Little Bearnie’s collection?  What do you love about it?

Shy Bear teether! It is easy to grip, both my son and daughter love to bite the ears.

Which is your favourite bib design from our Litle Bearnie’s collection? What do you love about it?

Boba.. it reminds me to have a break. Have a cup of bubble tea. haha

Tell us something interesting about your child/children!

My son Kaisor portrays himself as a mischievous/cheeky boy, but deep down he is a sweetheart, he will make it a point to share things with us... even his favourite fruits. He is very timid, scared of ants.. How to woo girls in future 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t worry, mama will guide you! wahaha

My little girl Serah is an easy baby, I gave her a nickname.. “nua sai”.. because she is always lazing around, always sleeping.. She took super long to master her tummy time too.. Just like me, she loves to eat and sleep. Well.. wait till you become a mother, you will master the skill of eating at lightning speed, and function normally although you are super sleep deprived.

Any piece of advice for new moms/moms-to-be?

Hi new moms, moms to be.. my advice to you is to follow your heart.. do what you think it is right. In the world of motherhood, there is no right or wrong answer! You do you! Remember that your happiness matters too, don’t be too hard on yourself! Lastly.. do not compare your journey with others, everyone’s journey is different! Be happy, be you... enjoy the journey and take one day at a time. Jiayou!

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