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#MummiesTime with Yixin (@snnngorious)

by On Off Social Pte Ltd on Mar 05, 2021

#MummiesTime with Yixin (@snnngorious)
🔥 We understand that balancing work and family time can be tricky. This is why we have decided to interview our LB mummies to share their personal experiences!

#MummiesTime is a series that features mummies from different walks of life, sharing their tips on how to have me-time in this fast-paced society. We also ask them for tips, advices and stories to encourage new mummies on their parenting journey.

In conjunction with International Women's Day, we'll be kick-starting our #MummiesTime series with the gorgeous mummy, Yixin, (@snnngorious)! She's a part-time social media manager with an adorable 10-month old daughter. 👧

How has being a mum changed your life? What’s the best part about being a mum?

It has changed drastically. I guess, I'm much more responsible and wary of time and schedule now! And although you get busier, I guess the best part is to be able to see how my little Riley grow so much! And especially how she giggles when I tickle her. 

In this fast paced-society, could you share with us a tip on how you find your “me-time”!

After baby sleeps! I mask my hair, face, feet and hands! Just sitting there relaxing is the best thing ever. Plus, my husband is present if Riley cries! 🤣😂

Could you share with us a short snippet of your birth story/stories?

24 hours in the delivery suite is no joke. I had to go with inducing the labour process as my amniotic fluid was borderline low! However, my gynaecologist didn't warn me that inducing labour would cause a much painful contraction! 😓

So, I pretty much endured 9 hours of pain without epidural and yet I was only 1cm dilated. In the end, I decided to go ahead with epidural as I still very much believe in natural birth. I told my gynaecologist that I would wait! 

And yes, so I slept in till 11 AM to finally be dilated to 8cm and popped Riley out at 1 PM! In between, my husband was just playing with the phone while I slept. I didn't even touched my phone as I knew I needed the energy to push!
🤣 The midwife was so shocked when I pushed her out in less than 10 mins. 😂
Which is your favourite teether design from our Little Bearnie’s collection?  What do you love about it? 

Shiba Inu

 Which is your favourite bib design from our Little Bearnie’s collection? What  do you love about it? 

Boba series

Tell us something interesting about your child/children!

When she's happy, she opens her mouth so wide that she looks like she is trying to bite you. 😍

Any piece of advice for new mums/mums-to-be?

Just do what you feel is right. A mum's instinct is always right. Remember, if you really need help, do reach out to your friends. I'm very sure they're going to be there for you!

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